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SAWASAWAから"new Me!-新しい私-"がテーマのコロンとしたシルエットが可愛いトートバッグ。



SAWASAWAの"new Me! Bag"で新しい私の暮らしに彩りを。

約縦38cm×横42cm×マチ12cm (持ち手リボン長さ120cm)



送料無料の商品(new Me!バッグ)とその他商品につきましては


new Me! Bag

Happy new Me!

We have created a cute tote bag with a round silhouette, "new Me! Bag."
Express your new self with playful African prints.

This is also a functional bag which allows the length of the handles to be adjusted by tying knots on the both sides.
The handle and side ribbon are connected, so the shape of the bag changes with the length of the handle.
Lengthening the handles or pulling the ribbon changes the bag shape into a rounded one.

You can enjoy in various ways depending on your mood of the day;
Tote bag over the shoulder
Handbag to be carried by hand
Round drawstring bag

The lightweight bag made of wax print material will make your heart light and bouncy.
Bring new color to my life with SAWASAWA's "new Me! Bag" :)

38cm (Height) × 42cm (Width) × 12cm (Depth)
Length of handle part: 120cm
(Approximate size)

100% cotton

Because of VLISCO real wax print fabric(*), this bag has fine texture.

*What is VLISCO Real Wax Print?
Wax Print, also known as Kitenge or Pagne, is a thicker 100% cotton fabric that has been dyed in over 25 different processes using wax and resin. The fabric is very carefully dyed in detail.
The reverse side and the front side are equally indistinguishable. It is said that the more solid the print is, the higher the quality is.

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SAWASAWA is an official distributor of VLISCO in Japan

*Product image from the fourth photo for illustration purposes only. The patterns of the actual product may vary.

Important Notice:
Because of total patterned fabrics, the patterns of the actual product may look vary from sample photos.
Please wash our products with other clothes separately in case the color might bleed.
If left for a long time wet with sweat or water, discoloration and color transfer may occur. After washing, please adjust the shape promptly and dry in the shadow.
Specifications, sizes, and garment manufacture on this website might be slightly different from those of real products.
Details and colors seen on the screen might be slightly different from the actual products depending on the monitor environment used, as well as your OS and browser version.
Unlike digitally printed fabrics, Real wax prints we use may have a random batik texture (bubbles (African dot pattern), cracks, etc.)
We appreciate your understanding!
注意点:・総柄生地のため、写真と柄が異なります。・本品は染色の性質上色落ちする場合がありますので他のものと一緒に洗わないでください。また、長時間濡れたままにしておくと、色が落ちる恐れがあります。洗濯後は形を整えてすぐに干してください。・実際の商品と仕様、加工、サイズが若干異なる場合がございます。・商品の色、質感につきましては、ご利用されるモニター環境、またOSやブラウザのバージョンによっても画面上ご覧になっている色と、実際の商品の色が多少異なる場合がございます。ご了承ください。 ・デジタルプリント生地とは違い、リアルワックスプリントのため、ろうけつ染めの風合い(バブル(アフリカンドット柄)やクラック(ひび割れ)など)がある場合があります。

【送料無料】new Me!バッグ マーブル柄(ブラウン×オレンジ)

¥ 8,900

(税込 ¥ 9,790)